Lot 72: Tailored to Your Taste

Custom Made Bespoke Suit$4,000 Value

Gentlemen, do you envy that dapper fellow you see at the toniest brunches and the chicest parties? How does his suit fit so well, without puckers or pulls at the shoulders or waist? He’s probably wearing a personally tailored suit from Stitch-It and Co. Owner and master tailor Jeff Loring is giving you the chance to dress as you deserve and will custom tailor a bespoke suit to your taste and lifestyle. Select from the finest fabrics in the world with more than 4,000 designs to choose from. Whether you carry the hauteur of Sean Connery or lean more to the unforced sangfroid of Alain Delon, Stitch-It has your number. You’ll leave the ladies shaken. And stirred.

This lot is sold.

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