Lot 69: Gallery Canvas Oil Portrait by Leon Loard Oil Portraits

26” x 32” Single SubjectHand Painted Oil Portrait$5,595 Value

LEON LOARDTM is proud that our second oil portrait company, LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS, is participating in the Swan Ball Auction again this year. The Gallery CanvasTM is an elegant option for any client who desires the upscale feel of an original, commissioned hand painted oil portrait at a lesser cost. You choose the experienced senior artist who works in oils in the classic portrait tradition. A special premium canvas is stretched to serve as the medium on which the artist will work, bringing life to a subtle digital image of the single subject provided from your favorite proof and printed on the 26’ x 32’ Gallery CanvasTM.

LEON LOARDTM has been serving clients across the Southeast and the nation since 1947. With expertise in children, adults, families and institutional portraits, LEON LOARD Commissioned Portraits and LEON LOARD OIL PORTRAITS provide the finest in oil portraiture.

DETAILS: Available June 1, 2019–May 30, 2020. Sitting must occur within 6 months of purchase, and within the Greater Nashville area. Framing not included. Includes $300 sitting fee. Portrait value of $5,295 may be applied to a larger than 26 x 32’ portrait, and/or more than a 1 subject Gallery CanvasTM. leonloard.com