Lot 25: Amawaterways River Cruise: Cambodia & Vietnam

2 People7 Nights$5,500 Value

The Mekong, the longest river in Southeast Asia, is a fascinating hub of Cambodian and Vietnamese cultures. The two of you will be transported back to another era, where rhythms of the countryside allow fascinating glimpses into a traditional Asian way of life. A luxurious cruise ship takes you from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City, with stops for a floating market, a silversmith village, the royal palace of Phnom Penh and its museums of Cambodia’s rich history. You’ll feel enlightened after a monastery visit with a special Buddhist blessing and moved by the war memorial museums in Vietnam.

Your well-appointed stateroom with private twin balconies will be your home for the week. You’ll enjoy complimentary meals, beer and spirits, along with the fitness room, three spas and a gorgeous swimming pool, all sources of well-deserved pampering. For seven days and nights, your senses will feast on the delights of shopping for exquisite Asian handmade silks, historic pagodas, a Buddhist monastery and a breathtaking royal palace. A matchless Asian exploration of an exotic world for one lucky bidder!

Details: Available April, August & September 2018 and April, August, September 2019. Port charges to be paid by winner of auction. amawaterways.com

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