Lot 2: ICON A5 Aircraft

$389,000 Value

No airport necessary! The ICON A5 Aircraft is designed to change the way you interact with the world, even if you have owned an aircraft in the past. Simply elegant, the A5’s combination of folding wings, amphibious capability, and an optional custom trailer means you never have to set foot in an airport. It takes one person just two minutes to unfold the A5’s wings and be ready for the open skies.

Art meets aviation in the ICON A5, where the inherent function of every feature is expressed through design. The Rotax 912iS Sport engine delivers the highest efficiency and extremely simple operation in all conditions. The Seawings Platforms provide stability on the water and serve as convenient platforms to enter the aircraft on land, from a dock, or the sea. The optional Amphib Trailer provides you the ultimate flexibility to load and unload the plane on its wheels or launch and recover it in the water like a boat.

The A5 likes a smooth strip of runway. But it also loves a dirt strip or a secluded beach. It is all part of the adventure! Whether you are landing at an airport or in the turquoise waters of your favorite vacation spot, travel in style in the ICON A5 that will be on display at the Auction Party at Belle Meade Country Club on May 16.

DETAILS: Subject to terms and conditions from ICON Aircraft. For more information, please contact Ty Finch at ty.finch@iconaircraft.com. iconaircraft.com